How to Get from Da Nang Airport to Your Hotel: A Guide to Airport Transfers

Arriving in a new place can be disorienting, especially after a long flight. At, we want your airport transfer from Da Nang Airport to go as smoothly as possible. In this blog post, we’ll give you a complete guide to getting from the airport to your hotel in Da Nang via the various airport transfer options. Read on for tips on booking an airport transfer, approximate prices, travel times, and advice for the best way to get into the city.

Overview of Da Nang International Airport

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First things first – a quick introduction to Da Nang International Airport (DAD). This modern airport is located about 3 miles (5km) from the city center of Da Nang in central Vietnam. It’s the third busiest airport in Vietnam, serving over 8 million passengers annually.

Da Nang Airport has both domestic and international terminals. Major airlines flying here include Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air, AirAsia, and Qatar Airways. It’s the main airport for accessing Da Nang city as well as nearby Hoi An.

Once you disembark from your flight, you’ll go through immigration (if arriving internationally), collect your luggage, and exit the restricted area. Then it’s time to figure out your onward airport transfer into town. Keep reading for your options.

Da Nang Airport Transfer Options

Danang International Airport (DAD)

There are several ways to get from the airport to your hotel in Da Nang:

Taxi: Taxis are readily available outside the airport exit. They are meter-based and the trip to the city center is around 15 minutes depending on traffic.

Private Car: Pre-book a private car transfer through your hotel or a tour company. Prices are fixed.

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Shared Minibus: Book a shared shuttle van for a budget price. Stops at major hotels.

Public Bus: City bus #59 connects the airport to Da Nang station. Cheapest option but involves transfers.

Grab/Uber: Use the app to book a car to your destination. Offers convenience at fixed rates.

Below we compare the options in more detail to help you choose the best Da Nang airport transfer for you.

Taxi from Da Nang Airport

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Taxis are ubiquitous at the airport exit and can be a convenient option for getting to your hotel, especially if you haven’t pre-booked an airport transfer.

Cost: Expect to pay around 220,000-350,000 VND ($10-15 USD) for a taxi from the airport to Da Nang city center. Taxi meters start at 11,000 VND.

Travel Time: The taxi ride takes around 15-30 minutes depending on exactly where you’re going in Da Nang. There may be added time in traffic.

Convenience: Very convenient, just exit the airport and take the next available taxi. No pre-booking required.

Things to Know: Agree on the price before getting in or insist the driver uses the meter. Have your hotel address printed out.

Private Car Airport Transfer

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For a hassle-free arrival, consider booking a private car transfer from Da Nang Airport to your hotel. Many hotels offer this service, or you can book with a tour company.

Cost: Rates are around $15-25 USD for a private car transfer, depending on the vehicle type.

Travel Time: The drive takes 15-30 minutes typically. Stops only at your hotel for maximum convenience.

Convenience: Very convenient. Meet your driver inside the airport. Door-to-door service.

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Things to Know: Pre-book online for the best rates. Look for companies with good reviews. Ideal for groups up to 3 people.

Shared Airport Transfer by Minibus

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Another option is booking a shared shuttle van from Da Nang Airport to your hotel. Shared vans cost less than a private car.

Cost: Shared minibus transfers are around 50,000 VND ($2 USD) per person.

Travel Time: The minibus makes stops at major hotels so total transfer time is 30-60 minutes.

Convenience: Pre-book online and look for your driver inside the airport exit gate. Budget-friendly.

Things to Know: You may have to wait for other passengers. Only available to central Da Nang hotels.

Public Bus from Da Nang Airport

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For the most budget-friendly option, take public bus #59 from the airport to Da Nang station, then transfer to a local bus or taxi to your hotel.

Cost: The airport bus costs 20,000 VND ($1 USD). Additional local bus or taxi ride required.

Travel Time: Total time is 60-90 minutes including waiting, transfers, and walking.

Convenience: Involves waiting, transfers and finding your way. Best for experienced travelers.

Things to Know: Use exact change and have a map and hotel address ready. Buses can be crowded.

Grab or Uber from Da Nang Airport

Change could be on the way for Grab - Da Nang Today - News - eNewspaper

Ride-hailing apps like Grab and Uber operate in Da Nang. This can be a good airport transfer option.

Cost: Estimates are around 275,000 VND ($12 USD) from airport to city hotels

Travel Time: Around 15-30 minutes depending on traffic.

Convenience: Pre-book from your phone after landing or wait in the ride-hail queue at the airport exit.

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Things to Know: Have the app installed and know your destination address. Airport queue can still involve a wait.

Tips for Arranging Your Da Nang Airport Transfer

  • Pre-book transfers for convenience and to secure the best rates.
  • For taxis, only use official airport taxis with meters and marked rates.
  • Ask your hotel if they offer private car or minibus transfers.
  • Travel light if taking a bus so you can manage your bags.
  • Check online reviews of any transfer company you are considering.
  • Look for drivers holding signs with your name inside the airport exit hall.
  • Have your hotel address printed out in Vietnamese to show drivers.
  • Set your airport transfer expectations accordingly – travel times can vary.
  • Relax and enjoy the ride – you’re on vacation after all!

We hope this guide helps you decide the best Da Nang airport transfer option to get your trip started off right. Let us know if you have any other questions as you plan your travels in Vietnam and the Da Nang area. Whether taking a taxi, private car, shared van or bus, we wish you smooth travels and an amazing time!

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