A Caffeine Lover’s Guide to Da Nang’s Coffee Scene

At anbangseasidevillage.com, we absolutely love coffee. So on a recent trip to Da Nang, Vietnam we made sure to explore the local coffee culture. Da Nang has so many great cafes and coffee shops to check out. In this blog, we’ll talk about our favorite coffee finds in Da Nang, from cool third wave cafes to delicious Vietnamese-style coffee.

Overview of Da Nang’s Coffee Culture

Da Nang Coffee Making Workshop in Vietnam

While Vietnam is famous for its coffee production, the coffee scene in Da Nang is more modern and diverse compared to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Along with traditional Vietnamese coffee, you’ll find international third wave coffee shops, cool coffee bars, and unique coffee-based drinks.

Da Nang’s cafes range from quirky hole-in-the-wall shops to elegant, upstairs establishments. The city’s growing specialty coffee culture is influenced by Australia and the West. But you can also find delicious ca phe sua da, Vietnam’s signature iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk.

From our base at the Hanami Hotel Danang, we set out to explore the best places to get a caffeine fix in Da Nang. Here are some highlights we think any coffee lover will enjoy.

Cong Caphe

Da Nang Coffee Culture - Da Nang Food Tour

This quirky chain brings Vietnamese coffee culture to life with a retro communist theme. We loved the fun propaganda posters and unique drinks like egg coffee and coconut coffee. The iced coconut coffee was our favorite!

With several locations around Da Nang, Cong Caphe is an easy place to pop in and sample Vietnamese-style coffee in a cool setting. It gets quite busy so be prepared to wait for a table. The streetside views are part of the charm.

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La Rue Coffee

For excellent espresso and third wave specialty coffee drinks, head to La Rue Coffee on Hoang Dieu street. We’re fussy about our coffee and La Rue did not disappoint. The baristas really know their beans and brewing techniques.

The minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired space is airy and bright. We liked the big shared tables where we could chat with other patrons. Treat yourself to a well-made flat white or pour over. They also serve tasty breakfasts and baked goods.

The Workshop Coffee

Da Nang Coffee Making Workshop in Vietnam

Located in a restored French colonial villa, The Workshop Coffee oozes hipster vibes with exposed brick walls, shared tables, and cool background music. They take coffee seriously here.

We nerded out with the barista over their rotating selection of specialty beans from Da Lat and beyond. Beyond expertly brewed coffees, we loved their creative coffee cocktails like espresso martinis and coffee negronis. A must-visit for coffee lovers!

Hatvala Roastery & Cafe

For direct trade Vietnamese coffee, check out Hatvala near the Han River. They roast Vietnamese beans on-site in their vintage Probat roaster. We enjoyed cuppings and tastings to learn more about coffee from different regions of Vietnam.

Beyond their specialty roasts, Hatvala’s cafe serves coffees and teas infused with local flowers and herbs. The refreshing lemongrass coffee was a standout. The riverside setting is also idyllic.

Cafe Indika Da Nang

At Cafe Indika, we soaked up the beachy, tropical vibes over iced coconut coffees and avocado smoothie bowls. This cafe uses local Da Nang coffee beans to create unique coffee blends and drinks.

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We loved the lush garden setting with hanging rattan chairs, wooden tables, and palm trees. Cafe Indika has a relaxed, vacation-mode type of vibe. A great spot to unwind after exploring Da Nang.

Tips for Enjoying Da Nang’s Coffee Scene

Da Nang Coffee Making Workshop in Vietnam

  • Start your day by stopping into a local cafe for ca phe sua da served hot or on ice.
  • Look for cafes roasting or sourcing specialty coffee beans from Da Lat and Vietnam.
  • Try unique local variations like coconut coffee, egg coffee, and lemongrass coffee.
  • Relax at a riverside, garden, or rooftop cafe for beautiful views.
  • Chat with baristas about their brew methods and favorite beans.
  • Check when roasters offer cupping or tasting sessions to learn more about coffee.
  • Consider coffee tours or workshops to dive deeper like we did into Da Nang’s coffee culture.

Let us know if you have any other questions about the coffee scene in Da Nang! Whatever your coffee style, you’ll find something to love in this underrated coffee city.

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