First Time in Da Nang: Where Should I Stay? - Where Should I Book My Hotel

How to Book a Hotel in Danang

The city of Danang is the third largest in Vietnam, sandwiched between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. With its glitzy lifestyle and vibrant culture, the city proudly celebrates its many attractions. With beautiful beaches and coastlines, Danang is a … Read More

25 Best Things To Do In Hoi An (Vietnam) - The Crazy Tourist

Planning Your Travel to Hoi An

When planning your travel to Hoi An, consider the seasons. It’s hot and dry during summer, but it’s not too hot to enjoy the beach. The rainiest months are November and October, so you’ll want to avoid these months if … Read More

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Best Time to Travel to Danang

The best time to travel to Danang is during the months of December through February, when the weather is perfect. The city is not as crowded during these times, and you can stay in a five-star resort, which will likely … Read More

Hanami Hotel Danang: Phát triển và hoàn hiện không ngừng để hòa nhập cùng  du lịch Việt Nam - Tổng cục Du lịch

Top 7 must-try hotel in Da Nang

Hanami Hotel Danang The Hanami Hotel Danang is located on a beachfront plot just 500 metres from the beach. The hotel is notable for its eco-conscious design. The lobby, restaurants feature japanese decor. The upscale and personalized service will help … Read More